Can a costumer add vocals to music on AJ?


:sunglasses: Hey guys,
Students are making a music clip for their final thesis and would like to use a song in my portfolio, they would like to make some cuts and add vocals to it.
It will not be for commercial usage but will have it as a student project on YT channel of there University.

Is this allowed?
If it is, witch license do the need?



Technically, it’s not allowed, see FAQ:

Can I use an AJ track in a stand-alone music track? What about sound effects?
You may not use music in stand-alone music tracks, but you could use sound effects in a music track.

Example: You can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell it on iTunes

In this case though, there could be room for some interpretation. Is the end product the music? or the videoclip? If it is indeed the latter (are they film students?), it should be possible.


:sunglasses: Thanks Pierre,
It would be a video clip of the students singing with the music in the background for a YT video.
I’m guessing it’s ok.


Just make sure they do not end up distributing the song somehow, in light of positive response to the video clip, for instance. Or you may run into problems with ContentID and whatnot.


it is YOUR song?
if you are NOT exclusive to AJ, i suppose you can do everything you want with your music, even granting the students all the rights to use it without paying anything.