Campaign against the music licensing stealers.

I have visited some youtube channels offering methods to remove the audiojungle’s watermark.
I put this message on the channels:
“Please DON’T DO THIS!!! behind a music composition there is a HARD WORK FROM AN ARTIST, who tries to make a living from this. The price of a license is already low enough.”
At first glance, I was not expecting tons of answers, but some ocurred, like this:
“If u do this for personal use is fine, i think”
my response:
“then, don’t pay for an apple for personal use neither. There are very cheap licenses for personal use… it’s still our work, our efforts and your enjoyment”
more responses to my message:
“Thanks for pointing out your time for this! I’ve already stopped doing this and stopped providing the watermark files as soon as I realized what I was doing.”
and more:
“My friend, by mistake I had not mentioned in the video that this is just for learning purpose not for pirating.
So kindly don’t make a big issue.
my response:
“I hope people don’t learn to steal with your advices”

I invite to all authors and artists to being more active in this kind of channels, I think in some way we can fight this illegal actions from stealers. Just we need to be more visible and combative there…
Have a nice week!



Could we make slight variations of the watermark to make it harder? ie pitching it up or down very slightly or EQing subtley? If ever author had their own very slight variation of the water mark then using the original one in RX wouldn’t completely work.

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