cambio chiave di registrazione

Hello everyone, I would like to ask if it is possible after registering a product on a site to cancel the registration and use the same to activate the same model for a different site …

It’s possible

come posso fare, conosci la procedura?

English, please?

I’m sorry, do you know the registration change procedure?

In most cases, you can just delete the product ( installation of the website ) and re-install it on a different site without any problem

There should be some explanation on the documentation. If not, you should contact the theme author as he/she may be managing the registration of the product on their side.

thank you, you were really kind

In this case you have to deregister/deactivate the license from the first website and have to register for the 2nd website. If you don’t have option to deregister/deactivate the license then you have to contact the item author and let them know they will assist you.

How to contact an author: