Calling All European Authors!

Milano perfetto! :slight_smile:

Greece :slight_smile:

Does Ukraine count as Europe? :smiley: At least, geographically it’s the largest European territory :slight_smile:


Poland! I recommend Cracow - the city of Polish kings :slight_smile:

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@wpcache @OlexandrIgnatov @RedOctopus

If any of you are willing to represent in your local community, fill out the form! We don’t speak very good Dutch, Polish or Ukrainian so if you know a good pub/location to meetup and are open to helping our team get around while they are there, fill in the form.

We can’t promise we’ll get to every location but we’ll do our best to get to as many as we can.

Yes, let’s meet in Holland! Rotterdam is also very nice and a bit relaxer than Amsterdam, besides everyone speaks good English!

Any other Maltese authors? :slight_smile:

Just let me know if you need any company :stuck_out_tongue: Some of these possible locations sound pretty great.

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О!! It’s great idea! I would really like to visit Paris with such a cool team!)


@AndyRos Paris would be great! If you’re willing to be the local host, send me a message. Or as they say in Quebec, envoyez-mois un courriel!

mate I wrote a mail with a question in a response to the approval.

Any other Maltese authors?!

Really cool news!:slight_smile: I will try to come to Paris!

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I hope there will be meetup in Poland :slight_smile:

I can make meetup in Poland - I’ve already filled the meetup form :slight_smile:

Pozdrawiam! :wink:

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I think it’s much better idea to organize many smaller ones… Not huge crowd (easy target for terrorists)… Promoting localization (photos of many places across the globe… It’s easier for the locals to gather to a city a few kilometers away than funding a whole trip that may cost over thousand euros…

About the costs yes I agree. About terrorism I not agree due is not a valid reason.
About distance, bigger cities have a larger number of Envato authors so in terms of numbers is better a big city but multiple small cities can be more suitable in terms of distance.

Anyway for me not have much sense create many meetings of 4-5 people, is much better one great event. Quality is always better than quantity also if can be more expensive.

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Me and Marie could help you around in Stockholm. Besides playing a few venues as a DJ or musician, I used to be the designated pub guide for international exchange students during my MSc days. Just let me know the dates and what kind of vibe you’re aiming for :sunglasses:


Kosovo or Albania

Nice Idea !!