call for HELP!! upgrade needed PLEASE for INVICTUS by DOITMAX

Dudes and dudettes! i am so far behind on updating my website it seems as if my investment in DOITMAX’s company and his product was wasted as it no longer supports my purchase
anyone out there who can help with the 3.3.3 (or something version??)
my site and details for direct contact are on
BIG thanks anyway at very least even for reading
ps ENvato / Themeforest have not as yet seen fit to answer my email boo hooo

What do you mean by ‘it no longer supports my purchase’?

If you go to, then assuming you are logged in, you should be able to download the latest version (assuming the item is still available on the marketplace).

that’s the point, it is no longer supported
seems crazy to me that if you buy something it’s not possible to use it a few years later and envato does not take steps to keep the downloads

Hi Leagratch,

I’m in the same boat with my Invictus theme. It has now crashed entirely. Were you able to work anything out?

Old TOpic