Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


But is it? If customers are ending up spending less through the subscription model than they were previously spending on individual licences that’s less overall profit for Envato surely?


We don’t have access to the numbers, but if Elements is not profitable or potentially profitable, they’ve sure made it their mission to promote it as if their lives depended on it.


Thank you all for the support.

My words are not intended to attack Collis, nor Envato. My words are 100% intended for every music producer in the world.

If you want to sell sync licenses, full time, long term you better do the following:

  1. Don’t get manipulated or lured into the second (additional) revenue stream promise “Pssst…don’t worry! It’s another 2nd revenue stream.” WRONG WRONG WRONG! It is not a 2nd revenue stream it is an extremely cheaper option for customers that competes directly with your portfolio on Audio Jungle! It just happens to be offered at a ridiculously lower price and no one forced you to participate! The “audio jungle” vo watermark is on all of those elements files! It’s just a matter of time before all customers start performing a second search. “Cool, I found this track on AJ, now let me click over to elements to see if I can get it for nothing.”
  2. Put a REAL price on your assets. Not $5. and stick with it, forever.
  3. Teach the buying public that sync licenses cost something by only supporting that model.
  4. Spread this word of caution to everyone, everywhere. Raise awareness of the downfalls of subscription models. Young music producers are the most vulnerable. They do not have a clue as to how the business works and they may start to think that these sub models are the “new thing” or the way to go. They will ultimately kill our businesses and reduce our revenue!
  5. Wake up every day and remind yourself that you are in the business of selling sync licenses, one at a time, one project at a time, one customer at a time. You do not create a soundtrack to then pool it together into some bizarre unlimited download offering with points assigned and formulas concocted in a shared subscription revenue scheme. That’s just ridiculous, not transparent, and it is already failing some music producers. So why consider supporting a model that will eventually reduce your earnings? Why?
  6. The evidence is slowly coming out anyway that the combined revenue (elements plus AJ) is not exceeding “AJ Only” revenue. REVENUE IS DROPPING for the top sellers folks. Is that not a clear sign of how destructive this model is to independent music producers?

And Envato if you are listening, Please get rid of $5 prices on this market and set the base price for any approved track at $20. If you do not want to do that, then stop awarding “units sold” and reward “revenue generated”. Who is impressed if someone sells a $5 new release 15 times generating $75 in total revenue? Is that a tactic that needs to be rewarded with more promotion on popular files? Can you not see that paranoid and panicked music producers are doing ANYTHING, Desperately DOING ANYTHING to get on the popular files board? Stop it Envato! Please. You do have the power to stop this ridiculous tactic and scheme. It is not healthy for this market long term and you must know this by now.

I encourage everyone to keep this resistance movement alive.


+1 been around here for a long time now and this does seem to signal the end. it’s hard to think of going non exclusive and just upload everywhere where i can but that may be what i have to do not sure yet though.


@pinkzebra has removed most of his items from Elements and that’s what every author there should do to achieve any positive effect whatsoever. Otherwise, Envato won’t even feel this “resistance movement”.



You forgot: We killed media composers with RF music and got them fired from their jobs!

(Just joking :smile: )


Sorry, it was accident. :smiley:


Can i get a amen for my man SteelSound here??




Amen +1


I wrote epic-long post in a thread simmilar to this one, and I talked a lot about author problems and also affiliates. After 500 words of expressing concerns, I actually offered some potential solutions that can satisfy authors, affiliates, Envato and elements authors. I’ve been thinking a lot how to find a way to make fair play for everyone while still keep Envato happy. So please, make yourself a cup of coffee, and take a 5 minutes to read it, I think it makes sense and everyone can be happy this way. :slight_smile:

This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!


+1 amen


Not True
Pinkzebra is still with elements


Absolutely true! Pinkzebra removed almost 200 tracks from his element’s portfolio! But yes is still with elements.


100% support




Nice to see my audiojungle page still has a banner ad linking to a direct competitor…


The other day I wrote a search engine “Stock music” I was amazed by the number of sites.
When I did it half a year ago-it was not.

I can congratulate Envato. you failed to organize comfortable conditions for authors, now these authors are your competitors.

I’m not gloating. Just your reluctance to work individually has led to the current results.

I hope that the authors will come to their senses and stop distributing their works - for nothing. the sites who began to practice subscription for $ 16-prekratit its existence.

In my opinion at the moment there are troubled times in the commercial business.

I think that now is the time to join forces with companies that have an adequate policy and do not destroy the financial structure.

It is necessary to accurately determine the value of commercial products and adhere to it.

It is also necessary to explain to authors that to rush to extremes is not an exit.

actually, I think that sites which first started offering subscriptions for $ 16 just decided quickly to make a profit. and the authors do not understand this and give their creativity for nothing.

Authors, it is not necessary to support those sites where there is no adequate policy. In our power to stop the destruction of the economy do not publish your work where ridiculous conditions for you. I am sure that if this destructive business disappears, Envato will also stop the activity of " Element"

I believe that everything will be fine in the end. It is in our power to speed up the recovery of an adequate result.


∞ Support.