Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


still no answer from envato




So still nothing from Envato? We can plus 1 this thread till we have grandchildren, but if no one from Envato is even willing to reply…


+1 did not work, thats why we are trying +2 :wink:


I applied to technical support with about the same requirements. You know what happened? My accounts have been blocked. Here is and solve as here belong to authors.

Everyone has seen films about the middle ages.

There is a Kingdom and the Kingdom is ruled by a king.
The king is strong and wise, he wants happinesses prosperity for his people.
But the king has advisers and assistants who give him advice - how to do better. The king feels in his heart that he should not do what he is advised to do, but the advisors say-it is necessary, so we will show our strength, etc.

War begins, people die. But advisers keep telling the king " if we do not do so, the enemies will think that we are weak."

In the end, the war is lost those with whom there was a war coming… Well then everything is clear.

There are also good advisers, but most often the king does not listen to them)

King, please listen to your heart that has brought you to the throne.


Still no awnser. It reminds me a song title from Björk…


I’m in!



Me +2!


I support, my sales fell down on 75% in february. :’-(





Aggressive advertising of Elements is very disappointed me. At the summer meetup James was telling that it’ll be two independed market… But now it’s like store with iPhones advertises Xiaomi or something like that.


Now i see they put advertising banner for “Placeit” - unlimited video downloads in my author page. “Elements” banner was before.




Yes, it’s getting more and more agressive. They would migrate the whole costumer database if they could.


It’s good that the banner was removed from the basket. At least I don’t see him there now.


It’s not removed, they just change random banners. Try to refresh a page few times :wink:


I updated many times I do not see.

I know that the upper ones stayed.


Oh I see! Sorry, I thought you were talking about the top one :wink:


Sorry but change needs to come from elements music authors. Enavato nor Collis will not disrupt Elements music. They are using audio jungle as a gateway to Elements and recurring monthly revenue. The more folks subscribing to Elements for $16.50, the better it is for the owners of Envato. What does everyone want in life? They want passive income flowing straight into their bank accounts for doing very little work. In fact no work at all other than counting money each month.

Collis will never shut “his baby” down. I guarantee you that he personally created the “product” called “elements”. The cry out should be for authors to wake up and smell the coffee because this product that they are supporting by dumping content into it will lead them nowhere long term. Yet, they continue to double down in some cases. Those who earned say $500 to $700 in pay period 1, said “OK cool! Now let me double down and move more of my catalog over into the subscription model.”

Then, they go into praying mode. They simply will pray that their items are downloaded more and that more people will sign up. Eventually, they will cannibalize their sync license sales on AJ. Already, we’ve seen customers inquire on the forums “Can I find audio jungle tracks on elements?” Indeed the customers wish every music track was inside there because then essentially they are getting everything they possibly could need for just about nothing.

So "Call for Collis, Envato Founder, Please separate Elements from Audio Jungle"

Needs to become.

Call for all Elements Music Authors, Remove you music from that Business Model so you do not destroy your own career !

When will authors wake up and smell the coffee? Do you want a sustainable career, long term, selling sync licenses? Or are you just desperately trying to cherry pick $300 extra dollars a month short term, knowing that your actions will harm your own future revenue stream?

When top selling authors seem to be reporting no increase in total monthly revenue (AJ revenue plus elements revenue is not = ing more revenue), does that not prove that music in subscription models does not and will not help authors earn more money?

Are you in business to enrich yourself? Or are you in business to enrich Collis and Envato shareholders? Who do you want your assets to work for long term?

Doesn’t everyone remember Collis saying on the forums: “Yeah the banner ad is in a stupid location, let me meet with the team about this.” …Well perhaps it’s not so stupid after all, A BAnner ad can be taken down in a split second, there is a reason why the ad still remains…It’s clearly increasing profits for Envato and playing into their “recurring revenue” master plan. BUT, it’s also exploiting the willing authors who had hoped for more money from this master plan.


Gold words! It would be great if most authors would think the same way.
I hope your words reach the minds of many people.