Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


I do agree, and 100% support!!!








Glad to see there’s lot’s of support for this issue.
I hope the Envato guys will reconsider






Maybe you change the category to whole market not just based on AudioJungle, I believe that many more authors would be support, the problem with Elements is all the same.










I support. Or at least stop the aggressive marketing on the AJ marketplace. I love the envato community and would be exclusive if it wasn’t for this.

Edit: I just checked for the banners and they seem to be gone from AJ but still there for the other Envato marketplaces… anyone else experiencing this?




I still see the banner everywhere I look on AudioJungle. I also made a test by clicking on «Add to Cart» and when I click «Go to Checkout» the banner is still there at the top…


hmm, interesting. Yeah I checked through ‘add to cart’ too and still got no Elements ads at all! Deffo saw the banners 2 days ago though… odd. I’ll keep checking throughout the day. Maybe they’re beginning to roll them back based on location? Lets hope eh.


I think the banner disappear once you have closed it, but if you delete your browser cookies or access through another browser it’s probably still there.


aaah :frowning:


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