Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!


You forgot: We killed media composers with RF music and got them fired from their jobs!

(Just joking :smile: )


Sorry, it was accident. :smiley:


Can i get a amen for my man SteelSound here??




Amen +1


I wrote epic-long post in a thread simmilar to this one, and I talked a lot about author problems and also affiliates. After 500 words of expressing concerns, I actually offered some potential solutions that can satisfy authors, affiliates, Envato and elements authors. I’ve been thinking a lot how to find a way to make fair play for everyone while still keep Envato happy. So please, make yourself a cup of coffee, and take a 5 minutes to read it, I think it makes sense and everyone can be happy this way. :slight_smile:

This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!


+1 amen


Not True
Pinkzebra is still with elements


Absolutely true! Pinkzebra removed almost 200 tracks from his element’s portfolio! But yes is still with elements.


100% support




Nice to see my audiojungle page still has a banner ad linking to a direct competitor…


The other day I wrote a search engine “Stock music” I was amazed by the number of sites.
When I did it half a year ago-it was not.

I can congratulate Envato. you failed to organize comfortable conditions for authors, now these authors are your competitors.

I’m not gloating. Just your reluctance to work individually has led to the current results.

I hope that the authors will come to their senses and stop distributing their works - for nothing. the sites who began to practice subscription for $ 16-prekratit its existence.

In my opinion at the moment there are troubled times in the commercial business.

I think that now is the time to join forces with companies that have an adequate policy and do not destroy the financial structure.

It is necessary to accurately determine the value of commercial products and adhere to it.

It is also necessary to explain to authors that to rush to extremes is not an exit.

actually, I think that sites which first started offering subscriptions for $ 16 just decided quickly to make a profit. and the authors do not understand this and give their creativity for nothing.

Authors, it is not necessary to support those sites where there is no adequate policy. In our power to stop the destruction of the economy do not publish your work where ridiculous conditions for you. I am sure that if this destructive business disappears, Envato will also stop the activity of " Element"

I believe that everything will be fine in the end. It is in our power to speed up the recovery of an adequate result.


∞ Support.



after 10 years of silence I’m back to making music and uploaded a song, and only now I realized the current state or mindset Envato has build up with those flatrate sites and their aggressive marketing on their own flagship marketplace… decreasing the value of the whole music library with this low-price flatrate, it’s a shame that they are pouring fuel into the fire and harm the marketplace in this way…

that’s how they will lose exclusive users or even lose them completely, and it seems like asking envato’s support for reacting to this post will only get you blocked, it’s sad to see what their constant development of new services has done to them. also not even a single response from any staff…

maybe I should look elsewhere too, where they actually apreciate and respect their content creators… and not steal sales with cheap subscriptions.


Banner is back sadly


Having the banner back is Envato giving us the finger. How infuriating this is!


How to confuse and mis-lead buyers - “Unlimited music, sound effect & ident downloads”. Surely a marketing department should have created a banner that read “A selection of music, sound effect & ident downloads”. Also really thought about prior to implementation of marketing strategies and placement.


The banner have not been disabled has it?

I noticed the banner on my browser too this morning, even though I closed it before. So maybe they have “refreshed” the banner settings so all customers who closed it will see it again?

The ad in the shopping cart is gone, which is great, but not nearly enough.


If I move mouse on the $16.5 button, I see the long link in my browser’s address field, which include «1MARCH2019» in it.

I wonder what could this mean.