Call for Audio authors for Envato Studio

As interesting as this looks, I have grave concerns that it’s another race to the bottom. Don’t undervalue your skills! The difference with selling licenses for $19 is it’s about bulk and there is potential to still make decent $ on a single track. But songwriting for custom requests? Who owns the song after? And what can it be used for? Waiting for more details…


Sounds interesting! Will try!

In my experience, custom work is a lot more money made quicker than micro-licensing. Relying on volume with a $19 standard fee and no performance royalty possibilities looks like a joke at this point. The site is saturated and volume licensing will eventually become a thing of the past because there will be too much music for everyone to be getting hundreds of regular licenses. plus, everything is starting to sound the same, so the buyers might eventually start drying up if something doesn’t change.

If it’s like the real world, with this idea, you’ll set your own rates and terms and can negotiate the cost based on final ownership of the product and intended use. Hopefully, Envato is only providing a platform to network and will not interfere with your business model. We’ll see. No harm is signing up for the info.


agreed, custom work can be a lot more money if you can get it. and yes, we can set our own prices. i’m just anticipating (based on what i’ve seen people are charging for voice over work or logo design, etc. on here) most prices will be set at a fraction of what i would normally charge and as it becomes more competitive, it will be a race to the bottom. i, too, sent in a form for more info. just raising some issues in the hopes people don’t undersell themselves.


Yeah, I have the same fear. “Cheap” seems to be the common thread to being part of Envato’s marketplaces and it might be going in that direction in general. There are tons of these small music libraries, marketplaces and indie musician music licensing sites with everyone and their brother composing production music. Creating products for composers who write production music is more profitable now than being one.


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Sorry, what I meant was, if you do not have live Audio Jungle items + a portfolio, a portfolio of work completed should be fine, for now. Should we get to the onboarding phase and require more examples, our team will ask those on an individual basis.


Yes, I should have mentioned. If you have filled the previous form out, there is no need to complete this again (unless you want to, of course.) Either way, we will remove duplicates anyhow. :smile:

I would be intersted to learn more about this

  • I am in.
    Lets see what happens.

Yep def interested look forward to more info.

Sorry I don’t understand the request from Envato. What are you looking for? A portfolio?
I think everybody is interested here in selling more and if anybody needs music they can pick them up from audiojungle. Can you be more specifif? And sorry if I am the only one who don’t understand the Call. smile:

As I understand, the form is also considering that somebody who is NOT an AJ author might want to join as well. So as an active author you just insert your current AJ profile/portfolio.

Thank you!! @DoubleLion

Writing an original melody and original lyrics for a client does require intelligent thought, skill, and experience.
It is not really a job where you just “wing it” as creating stock music tracks can be. It requires human beings actually communicating verbally to get the best results…not just exchanging e-mails. Executing sound design to picture requires experience and thought. mixing music, sound effects and VO to picture requires experience. This work does take time. It can easily take 3 days to write a tune (Jingle), record it and then mix in VO and sound effects. The prices for these types of services need to be well into 4 figures factoring in studio time, VO Talent, a creative fee, Singing Talent, and musicians performing on the tracks…and I can even make a case for project management. At the same time, why can’t a customer just contact who they believe is a qualified author for these types of services? Then again, since video hive folks make up the customer base here for AJ stock music, it would seem to me that they have the skill set to mix music, VO, and sound effects to picture rendering most of us irrelevant in the production process. So that I suppose leaves jingle production for AJ. I just don’t see too much demand to get some of us involved in mixing VO, music and sound effects to picture as video editors do all that stuff these days. I guess we’ll find out, but yes as Studio Monkey said, Don’t undersell yourself for original jingle writing. Look forward to the details.

I`m in! =)

I’m definitely in. Keep me updated. I’m pretty much involved in anything audio related.

I`m in! =)!!!

Hi matmubuggy:
I have just under two months I did my first upload. At that time I did 103 uploads, and more than 107 sales. I think I’m doing well. I am very excited with AJ. I am very interested to participate. Thank You

I’m in too) cool!