Calendar Plugin For Room Rental


I am looking for a plugin which can do the following:
I rent coworking rooms. Each room can only be hired in 3 periods: morning, noon and evening. The user should only see which part is still available for each room. But the user may not modify the calendar, only the admin of the page can.

Next, each room should have its own calendar. So a summary: there are 4 rooms, each room can be hired for a morning, noon and/or evening and the user may not modify it. Also there should be an easy way to see which periods are hired and which one isn’t.

Is this something that can be done with an existing plugin?

Thanks in advance

kind regards
Robbe Claessens


I think you can try here hope you will find a good plugin


For such things pay someone for custom made plugin. You will not find plugin which is cover all that what you want.

Hi, You can check this theme:

Hi, take a look at Calendarista which supports several booking modes.