Calculate amount of products/buy part of a product → Looking for a plugin for Woocommerce

Hello everyone,

I am looking for any sort of plugin that can possibly be used in the following scenario:

Imagine a have a web shop with recipes, and one of the recipes is for a chocolate chip cookie. Now, according to how many portions you want to make, the amount of ingredients would of course go up. This is not a problem to create, but what I want to do, is to add a purchase button. I don’t want to sell the cookies, but rather the ingredients to bake them e.g. flower, eggs, milk, chocolate chips and so on…

I want a plugin that will place all the ingredients in the cart, and it would calculate the amount of ingredients. If the recipe calls for 300ml of milk, it would add 1L of milk. If it calls for 1,5L of milk, it would add 2L of milk to the cart. In other words, if you are trying to buy part of a product, it would round it up to the nearest number of whole products.

I hope anyone out there is able to help, and I am looking forward to any suggestions :slight_smile: