C4D question: compositing tag per material not object?


In C4D I can add a compositing tag/buffer for an object and it works fine. But I want to do the same with a material not the entire object. Or maybe on a polygon selection set.

With normal objects I can just split the piece I need to matte, creating practically two objects. But if I add a hyperNurbs this will not work because I can’t split a curved surface and maintain the flow. (Or at least i don’t know how to do it)

Did someone know a solution or is pointless to even try?


As i know, no, you can’t. The only option I see for now, is to make everything black and put(or replace) white lum. material on your poly selection.


this should work, but then I need to render the project multiple times depending of the number of object buffers I have.

thank you


5p1r17 gave you a great idea.

Compositing tag’s “Object Buffer” works with object only… I am assuming you will need to manually split whatever is that you work on into parts. Try splitting objects with Boolean object or eventually build your object with the Spline Mask object as a base.

Most of the time, if something that simple sounds so hard to accomplish - you are approaching it from a wrong angle.

Just guessing.


C4D material ID buffer - is one of the things that i’m waiting for in future versions…


Would Render Elements help?


well, what’s the problem is you just save a copy of your project, find your material that you need buffer for, make it white ruminant and set other materials to black and that\s it. No?


What’s “white ruminant”? I’ve never heard that term before, and I’m guessing you don’t mean this:



Or this :





Axaxa, stupid mistype:)
But I guess you already figured out what “ruminant” is :smiley:


I’m guessing it’s what something becomes when you turn the ruminance channel on. :wink:


exactly, Felt_tips:)
Any ways, back on topic. This plugin seems legit for this, I guess http://pano4d.com/index.php/material-override

Though not sure if it’s worth the price.