C4d Mograph cloner weightmap question

Happy Christmas, friends! :christmas_tree:
Quick MoGraph question here.

I have two objects, let’s take Sphere and Cube. For example, i wanna put it into the cloner, so I get a grid of two kinds of objects in random mode:

Can i somehow to make it not randomly placed, but manual? So i want all the grid to be with spheres, except few ponts i want there be cubes in my selected places. I can try to activate MoGraph weightmap selection tool and select the points i want - and it works perfect with effectors (position, scale, etc…) But can i use this selection to manually place clones (second object Cubes) to the selected points or ???

Once again, for example i have a cloner with 3x3 grid and have two types of objects and want a cloner to place the second object manually to a selected points only in the selection map. So i want to create a specific pattern of objects, but it should be in a cloner because i will use it for effectors later.