C-Themes Inactive Products

I am wondering if there’s a policy for inactive products. C-Themes have not updated their products since 2021, for whatever reason, customers paid for these products but there is no value. Would Envato give the author an ultimatum then give these products to other authors, currently using a theme that is full of bugs.

There’s no way envato would be able to do anything with the item in terms of updating or or passing it to another author because they do not own the item and therefore have no rights to be able to do that.

The issue is that different items suffer differently having not been recently updated, so the best thing that envato could do is to remove an item from the marketplace if not functioning correctly.

While that does not solve the issue for existing buyers, envato’s terms highlight the fact that they cannot guarantee item lifespan because of the lack of ownership mentioned above.

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There could be a way though. Would Envato consider having a policy for authors (especially freelancers) to nominate at least 2 other authors who can take over their products in case something happens to them e.g death, imprisonment, incapacitation etc. This would ensure continuity for existing buyers. Alternatively, they allow Envato to appoint such authors.

Then streamline associated issues like revenue sharing etc. Just a thought.

While it’s a nice idea, legally that is a minefield that would require significant administrative change at envato’s end and could very easily lead to greater confusion.

The easiest solution is what there is now whereby the buyer needs to go to a freelancer to help fix/update it.

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