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shouldn’t there be instructions to a plugin you buy, When your site has important information is it a good idea to give admin access ? I bought a plugin and as soon as its activated it duplicated products in the cart, a week to finally get a response and just give me access he wants. I just want instructions . or a refund … plugin name is Extendons Add on Options . Im sure the developer will get the plugin to work, But I don’t want to give someone access after the only post on here as it says member ask for refund and after that his account was locked out. This is the reasons I don’t think I wanna give him access , I don’t know him. And without proper instruction I just want a refund. A plugin should not duplicate product images as soon as its activated, and my other issue is the options do not tally up only option price as shown, So this guy wants me to leave this plug in activated give me c panel access. the option is $3.00 and customers can place orders at $3.00 . Woo commerce add on options worked np. But I wanted a permeant solution no yearly fee’s . Guess Ill go back to something that works as intended with instruction. would you give a stranger from Pakistan Admin control of your website ? is it a smart Idea after reading someone asked for a refund and now has no access,

If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form (below the How to request a refund).


This actually has to be to worse place to purchase plugins with real support. well over a week and support is just passing the buck. All they want is access to my account , I told them the site has law enforcement officers personal information and I cannot give him access . Obviously they can’t read. I mentioned it in every email I can’t give them access, They asked for screen shots, and a detail explanation.which I sent and instead of giving any advise, Just give us access , HAVE FAITH BROTHER this is what I get… Just refund my money. EXTENDONs ERASES reviews and offers zero instructions , actually JUST one page of instructions zero informational help , I know I’m not going to get this plugin working correctly , I had to deactivate Siteground security plugin which is important just to get the plugin not to duplicate images in the cart… I know this whole experience is just a waste of my time… Hopefully people read this post about extendons and Envato and can make a real decision . Where to buy plugin’s from. The trickery they do by deleted reviews is so wrong … How can a company have 340 comments and all 5 stars and the comments are not praises , and when you dive in deeper you find people have too lost the reviews , IS this fair business practice. Envato should have a system to prevent this trickery .


I can see you spoke about this matter on another topic:

And so clearly you are disappointed. From what I can see extendons @extendons has many products for sale, and have good sales across the board, with many satisfied clients.

From what I have read you seem to be upset, but the author tried to help you and you thought they were not trustworthy. If you website has such sensitive information on it why would you even use Wordpress?

yes every site has sensitive information if your using e commerce , Its Your mailing list, and why not use word press, I just don’t feel comfortable giving someone access to law enforcement officers home address’s . Would YOU<? I expressed my concerns with them serval times and all they want is access to fix it. Yes they are trying to help , but are not offering me a solution that I can do, they only want access . And your comments are in par with what I read about extendons . about satisfied customers. those are the only one’s you see but read some comments and you’ll see exactly what Im saying . the star rating is bullShit.


I agree that any site storing information in an online database can be subject to abuse. There have been plenty of examples of websites being compromised, and data leaked online because of poor passwords, badly managed hosting, out of date scripts and plugins used.

But I would sincerely hope that most of the vendors on the marketplace are trustworthy enough that if a buyer was unable to sort their problem, that access via a recognised seller would be okay.

If you feel that you cannot give them access to help you then see @mgscoder reply.

I cannot comment on comments that may or not have appeared on a sellers page, and although I am trying to understand your concerns about the star rating of this individual concerned, that is your opinion based on what you see. I am not saying you are wrong, but if this project is important to you, then request a NDA from the author before allowing them access. Otherwise you need to see if you can solve the issue yourself.

Very aggravating this issue is, I deleted the plugin and gave up on it as I figured it out , My hosting site Siteground which I thought was one of the most popular and secure hosting sites , dosnt work with this 3rd party plugin , as they called site ground a 3rd party and its Siteground is the issue … and that they need to debug it, whatever my luck, I created a brand new site nothing in it , just the Flatsome theme and same issues , duplicate product are created and the price options don’t tally up…