Bylancer complaint !!!

There are multiple errors in the software. He literally made a fool of us. not responding to supports. I had to pay compensation to the customer. So themeforset management, sorry you are not taking any action on this issue. I will give you additional information about this person. This person did not send me my invoice. I will submit this as a report to the court on Monday. You are responsible for this person themeforset. because we do business by trusting you. and everyone is complaining about this person, you are not doing anything to this person.

I’ve been waiting for days, why does the management not look at this situation? How many people are complaining about this person? Themeforset is a valuable company, should we file a criminal complaint against you? are you waiting for this


No one here has the full details of the item and what has happened, so as per forum TOS - closing threads calling out authors and items.

The best thing you can do is to speak to Envato support. Please wait for their official response.