Bx Slider vs FlexSlider


I suppose must of you has used both of these great free slider. I wanted to see what’s you opinion on them and which one is better for you?

Let’s not speak about the premium ones like Layer Slider, Revolution, etc.

You like one of the more because it’s better for styling, callbacks? Just wanted to see some feedback from you the other authors :slight_smile:


I know the styling of the flexslider inside out, so it was a little depressing to find out the nav arrows don’t work in windows 8. Not sure how to fix that and if they fixed it yet.

I’m actually using bx slider or owl slider mostly now


Flexslider arrows are NOT fixed in windows 8. Huge accessibility error which they STILL haven’t fixed. I am a huge fan of bx-slider. It has much more functionality and very easy to implement. I use it in almost all of my themes.


What do you guys mean by ‘Flexslider arrows are not fixed in windows 8’ ? Everything seems to work fine.


Bx-slider. Great out of the box features and it’s easy to customize.


Yes, can you tell me please what is wrong with FlexSlider on Windows 8?


I personally prefer Owl Carousel. Very easy to use, great API, mouse/touch dragging…


Okay, a little bump 8 months later.

Do you use a slider that has proven very useful to you, maybe better that FlexSlider, bxSlider or OwlCarousel or do you still use some of them? And why?

To me it seems like OwlCarousel have the best API and Callbacks or am I mistaken?


OwlCarousel, every time, it’s so useful and incredibly simple to use, love it :slight_smile:


Meta Slider and Master Slider. I love to use them. Will try BX Slider and Flex slider soon.

tommusrhodus said

OwlCarousel, every time, it’s so useful and incredibly simple to use, love it :slight_smile:

Have you used the OwlCarousel 2 beta? Just curious. I risked using it in a production for my Alona theme (added only a slight fix for the adaptive height), no problems so far.