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I had written somewhere before and can’t find it. The whole forum is very confusing. How do I get that the page looks like in the forum? A BuzzMag Demo_data is included. I do not know now if there are demos included? is an xml file. Have also written to the author and get no answer. It says in his description that it is created in only 10min. the page. I must say that is not a craft. One has paid for it and support equal nul

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Author is responsible to provide you technical support. Please try again to get in touch with author.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:


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That really pisses me off. Now I can’t find the author either.


The author page is here:

Their help file is here:

An author can help but they are not responsible for how your website looks, nor do they have the resouces and time always to explain everything in detail. I assume this is the product you are referring to?

That’s right, I have to agree with you. He did get in touch. But it was not the help either. But I think if you sell something and offer support you should also help. The documentation is very incomplete.


In an ideal world I agree that some authors could and should maybe offer more support - especially considering they should know and understand their own product better than anyone.

Some documentation I also agree is basic, but its hard to contemplate every possible question buyers might have or issues that might encounter.

I will be happy to look at this for you if you are really stuck, but sometimes it is better to “learn things yourself” too so you can have a better website, and understand things better :wink:

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I do not know now if you are the author? Anyway, since yesterday it does not work again. I gladly accept your help