buyshop magento 84 USD

I buy for 84 USD buyshop thème magento but thé package is missing file and is verry difficult To set it up. on upload document seems like missing file .m’y account is locked i cant cet access Ti m dowload i pay for 6 month assistance .but i got nothing i want someone To tell me what i suppose to do
See my install with some modification

This is the item you bought:

I can provide installation service if you’re interested in:

or you can order the service directly from Studio

Seriously i pay for 6 month support on thé package buyed includ on contrat and now you want to get 85 dollars to install it for me what???I buyed it 84 dollar ?

First of all, it’s not my theme. Secondly, the support that you have paid doesn’t cover “installation service”