BUYSHOP author is removed from Themeforest.. what about their customers?

BUYSHOP them has been removed, what about the customer who bought the theme?
No support.

The them required validation api token for some of the apps to work. now what?

All customer should receive refund for the product.

This is not good for themeforest.

How many customers are there suffering due to the run away authors…

Hello @shahnirav

It seems author not deleted item only he deleted his whole account. So you can’t contact author for support.

Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


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It may be temporary - unusual for this to be the case when the entire account is disabled but still possible

Envato suppprt won’t be able to share details or info on the situation though other than that they can’t guarantee item lifespan.

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Thanks for your reply,
Customer Support team refunded the total amount paid for the theme.

My suggestion is never buy a theme where api token is required for authentication. Author may run away anytime and your online website may stop working if api token does not work.

Now I always inquire about the theme license authentication requirement. Author should have their own verification based on license number from their end and not via back end api for website. So if authors stop verifying it wont affect online website.

Thanks all, for me it is resolved now.