Buying Enfold template

I want to buy your enfold theme for designing company’s website. The price is $59 for regular license and 6 month support.

  1. What do you mean by 6 month support? Would you clarify this?
  2. What shall we do for theme updates in future? Can we find them free or we need to pay for them? If so, how much they usually cost?

Kind Regards,
Sina Afshar

Hi @sinaaafshar,

Welcome to the forums! Please take a look at this article in regards to item support:

As per second question - theme updates are free. You should contact theme author with further questions, please go to Enfold theme comments page:


With Enfold you will get and more than 6 month don’t worry about that 6 month in Enfold case. They have great and fast support.
I have made plenty sites with that template.