Buying an item as an individual

Hi! I want to buy an After Effects Template as an individual, not a company. So I will pay from my personal bank account. But then I want to use that template for a historical documentary series, produced by my NGO. Let’s say, I will donate the template, not sell it to the NGO.

I have read the License information, but I still have some questions.

  1. I should buy the Extended License because the end product is a film - in my case, documentary. It is aimed to be shown on YouTube primarily but it is possible to be shown also on TV for free.
    Is that correct?

  2. The license is transferable in the following case: “1. If you are a freelancer / agency using the item for a single end product for one client. The license would in effect be transferred to the client.”
    Is the license transferable in my case - as I mentioned above, buying an After Effects Template as an individual from my personal bank account, and using that template for a historical documentary series, produced by my NGO. I am not a freelancer, neither an agency.

If you ask “What is the reason that I don’t want to buy it from the NGO bank account?” It is because of the national legislation in my country. We have companies that are VAT registered and companies that are not VAT registered. Mine is not VAT registered. But if my company buy something from abroad, it should make a VAT registration.

Thank You!

You will need to purchase Extended licence as the last product “end-product” will be on TV/YouTube ( even though you’re donating the item )

When you send the source code to the person who’s responsible to upload to YouTube, he/she will need the purchase code for the item that needs to be added to the system. In your case, you’re “Freelancer”

PS: You can use the company account to purchase the item as well. Not exactly which country you’re from but in most countries, to buy ( import ) requires VAT registration but it usually doesn’t effect online services and digital products.

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