Buyers not showing 'supported', are they supported?

Looks like there are 3 kinds of buyers for my themes, those showing the banner ‘Supported’, those showing ‘Support Expired’ and those who do not show both? Where does this 3rd category fall? Should I provide them support? Is there anyway to opt out from the 6 months support?image

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If the user reports bugs, and needs them fixed, you must react and make fixes regardless of the support status, but providing support is not required after the support period is expired. In the end is up to you, and you can help the customer if you want to.

The buyers whose support expired shows the text ‘support expired’.

In the above case there is nothing written there, it doesn’t say anything about support. How can that happen?

If you list the item “not-supported” and the user purchased it during that time, it will include only text “purchased”. If they purchased the item while you’re supporting it, you will see “supported” and/or “support expired” text

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Thank you! But my items are always supported. Anyway I will see if more buyers popup with no support text.