Buyers being cheated on Envato

I have seen the worst ever review and support system here on Envato.
Prople at the helm of affairs of this marketplace must look into this:

  1. When ever a negative comment is posted on a product by the buyer, it is marked as " This comment is currently being reviewed.", becomes inaccessible and is never made live again. Donot know who reviews the comments and leaves it unattended. If the seller is allowed to do this by envato, then this is worst kind of cheating.

  2. When negative review is given, the seller somehow restricts access to the product. e.g. I bought a product from this seller Rainbowbalaji's profile on CodeCanyon . I was not satisfied with the product and support of the seller. I gave a one star review and the seller has stopped access to the site.

Dont know why such cheaters are allowed on envato. Or is envato delibrately allowing such things to keep their revenue stream running.

Surprisingly, there is no opton reach out to envato team to complain about this kind of cheating.

You can email Envato Market Help and Support but FYI -

  1. Authors cannot remove reviews. If they challenge them then envato take the decision and will not remove those which are founded and accurate.

  2. That is not allowed. You should definitely flag that (include screenshots/evidence) to envato

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