Buyers asking questions and saying "I will buy"

How many how you have had experience with a lot of buyers asking questions in item comments, each time specifying “I will buy”, but then not buying?

They write that sentence as if writing “I will buy” will make us answer more promptly. Honestly, to me it doesn’t make a difference. If you ask a question, you get an answer as soon as possible.

I noticed that users who write “I will buy” actually never buy :grinning:

Is this behavior common? Or is it happening just to me?

customer can ask pre-purchase questions before buying any item. it is normal but most cases customer don’t mention they will buy because when any one will ask any question about item features or functionality then we can think they are interested to purchase. But it is not a confirmation that they will purchase because they are just asking pre-purchase query and they will take decision based on the item features compare to their requirements.

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I know, it just seems odd that the people who write “I will buy” end up not buying :grinning: While the others are buying :smile:

I mean, if you’re not going to buy, why write that? I suppose it is for getting a faster response.

customer can accept fast reply. Also not only customer but also everyone like to get first response. so, this is not a thinking matter that they are using “I will buy” to get first response. besides this first response make customer trust that they will get fast support from the author. but if you think anyone is doing spamming in your comments then you can flag the comments.