Buyer / Seller Marketplace Website Template

Hello there,

I need website template for “trade”. (Cars, Pets, Property, etc.)
for ex.

Seller scenario: user creates an account posts an item, price, description etc and publishes the listing for sale

Buyer Scenario: User searches through the categories/location of their choice, sees the product they like and is able to purchase the product and/or connect with the seller for any questions about the product listed.

Its going to be free to use website, because there, where i live, not available none of big sites like this.
I am graphic designer, with small knowledge in website creation. That’s why i need template for this

Pls forgive for my bad english, and recommend some simple template like i mentioned before:

Checking listing section at ThemeForest (WordPress)

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I didnt find any what will be good for this. :S