Buyer name not listed in CSV statement download?

Hi everyone,

Maybe I am missing something, but I cannot see where the buyer is listed when downloading the statement in CSV format. In fact, it seems to have everything but the buyer name or company.

I need this info for records, and have a particular request of a company looking to make sure that their music was properly licensed by their content creator. So I thought I would download all sales and search the buyer field, but… no buyer field.

Am I missing something here?

It’s not possible to get buyer details unless they contact you

@dtbaker Their name or company is provided on the invoice though. It’s strange to me that this info would be omitted when batch downloading CSV.

I suppose it’s because it’s batch downloading sales data and not invoices, but it lists other info like the buyer location.

Without being able to see all the buyer names at once that would mean I have to look through approx 50k invoices manually.

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That’s a pain in the bum when you make as many sales as you make. I don’t understand why it’s not implemented in the CSV as well. Is it a privacy thing?

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