Buyer is requesting for direct sell outside of envato market due to time constraint, what to do?

Recently we released one of our most anticipated product on codecanyon. Photo Frame android source code. We believe this product will give us some momentum and recognition of our work as app developers in codecanyon. Anybody who knows how to do android development will appreciate the code we have done in the project. We made the project as easily configurable as possible. If you know how to install android studio, you should be able to run this project. Easy as pie.

Enough of self promotion :slight_smile: .

Besides android developers, we have some amazing and talented designers in our team. When Photo Frame app was in development we were planning to make our own frame images so we can release Photo Frame app ourselves, based on this source code. But later we thought why not also sell these graphics in graphicriver. Anybody who buys our source code might want this type of premium quality frames. And we were exactly on point.

Yesterday our code got approved. And immediately we got a sale, which is a great news for us. With that we encountered a new problem. Right-away buyer wanted to know whether we can provide frames as well. He wants to buy frames as well, from us. He wants that ASP, since he is trying to target the new occasion coming in his country. But those frames are still in development. It will take another day just to prepare them for graphicriver.

Now from what i know, graphicriver usually takes long times to approve, due to copyright related stuff, which we appreciate.

In these circumstances what to do? We can not tell him to wait for couple of days. Since after the occasion he might not have any use for these frames. Or we can sell him directly or via other freelance marketplaces since he needs it urgently. What should we do here? What is the rules and regulation of envato in these exact circumstances?

We appreciate your time and giving us any feedback you might have.


You can sell directly those frames are not listed in GR