Buyer ethics taking a dive?

In recent post about Envato marketplace navigation update @jamesgiroux mentions that authors should take a note of “key lessons we’re learning about how customer demographics are changing”.

We certainly can feel the change in buyer demographics that I believe is caused by new type of customers attracted by lower prices. Unfortunately, at least from our experience, this also had its negative side effect – the decrease in overall customer ethics and awareness level.

Lately we have been experiencing increased level of customer behavior that was an exception before. To illustrate what I mean, here are couple quotes of actual reviews/messages from buyers from the past two weeks:

“You a big hole… if you dare then share the screenshot of same with time…
Keep that 30USD and enjoy… you cry baby… I thought I can buy a good theme from you which will be good…”

“Need help urgently. Else will request a refund from envato. Please assist immediately.”

These are just few examples and number of customers not respecting authors’ work seems to increase with demographic shift.

What do you authors and buyers think about this situation. Do you experience the same? Should Envato educate this new type of buyers?


Interesting discussion subject.

Yes, accept,

I got a customer who reviewed me 1 star as he purchased it as his credits were losing, He purchased it then told me that give me refund or I’ll file up with bad reviews

However, envato was kind enough to remove the reviews,

I think, The envato customer policy should have new rules,ethics and should be revised

Also, Review should be reviewed just like refund system

There was a time when I’ve played with discounts and so on and got almost the same feedback and 1 star rating. That’s why I do not sell my items lower than $49 (old items) and $59 (new items).