Buyer downloaded watermarked videofootage

Hello. I have sold one item which has uploaded some month ago(old uploading sistem). So, buyer said that video comes with watermark and of course I am tring to get his email and send original file without watermark. Also, I have sand again this original file to support for review. I need fix this problem as soon as possible, any ideas? thanks

Did he contact your through message from your profile? If yes check if he really bought it from the link that is given there. If not, he is trying to get that file for free.

Yes, he really bought it, leave comment bellow the video. I have commented also and ask email to send him original file. This is one of the first video which I have uploaded on videohive, I think I have made mistake or sistem did

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You can easily check that yourself. Go to your portfolio and change the view to list view, then you will have a download button.

See if the file has a watermark. If yes, upload a new file via the item’s edit page.

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I have done also and changed, the buyer was right. Thanks for helping