Buyer don't follow best practice, how to deal with this problem ?

don’t be mistaken, i respect my buyer they’ve doing great job with my theme, but sometime this happen, it’s on email

buyer : i’ve add jquery script to change the address on footer, but it’s not work
me : hi, please using theme option/customizer field > footer option > address section, and if you want add custom java script please use my theme tool > custom javascript / custom css, for better satination do not add to file directly,
buyer : that’s easy, you should tell me on firsttime
me : i’m sorry, but please read the documentation

should we give popup after theme instalation, reminder to read the documentation / video tutorial,

and sorry for my english :smiley:

Won’t matter what you do, can’t control customer behaviour. It’s quite normal to have to explain to your clients the most obvious :v: :sweat:

hi, that(s the same old song, same goes with bad reviews and so on, sometimes, people fail to read and are unhappy or these sort of things, that’s why u can waned if this whole system is worth being kept, because if authors have to and need to be fair, same goes for buyers , as well

as for your question, i think that u did the right move, providing with assistance all the same seems to the smartest choice so that u avoid to make a guy unhappy (unlegitimately), so well done :wink: