Buyer beware.. caveat emptor

As a buyer I don’t normally mix with the author-centric forums but as this is the tips and tricks forum then possibly some buyer will see it and it may help him/her.

After buying yet another item that has a severe quality problem, thereby wasting my money (refunds here are somewhat subjective in nature) I felt that a productive outlet for my anger would be to place some advice where it might help a new buyer.

TIP: whatever you do, test (where possible) every demo offered for suitability before you buy… and if there is even the slightest thing that is not how you need it to be, then ask questions in the public comments section of the item. Leave nothing at all to chance.

Many authors and envato staff consider most buyers to be idiots, and in some case newbies who have succumbed to the marketing of items without enough experience to tell fact from almost fact are, quite naturally, asking newbie type questions.

The thing that most needs to be realised is that envato’s claim to test each item for quality using strict guidelines is often spurious or untrue. The criteria used or the experience of the ‘testers’ is inadequate or misdirected and so, like me, a buyer runs the risk of paying for an item, only to find out that once purchased, it is unusable… and of course you can expect to be quoted the clause about no warranty for this kind of thing…

With the amount of money envato are making, it should be something that is given priority… when they claim to have a high level of quality control then they should pay people with the skills and experience to enforce and ensure this.

As far as remaining quiet and asking for a refund… well the process is convoluted and onerous and seems deliberately designed to deflect such claims. I accept that it is always difficult to manage refund policy with items that are digital and creative in nature, but I for one cannot spend the amount of time and emotional energy required to go through the process… so envato wins… they get to keep the money and I get to keep an item i can’t use.

If this was a rare occurrence i would have no right to post this rant… oops, TIP… but as it happens many times it would seem worthy of comment in the ‘community’…

So, once again folks, when considering a purchase of an item (especially one with a higher price tag) then make ABSOLUTELY sure that you cover ALL bases before you pay. Unless you have no problem wasting money. I will be sure to read this and take my own advice next time I purchase…