Buy one license, use another

Hi there. I have next question.
For example, a customer bought a design template from me. He paid for the regular license. If I later find out that he was using my template under the extended license terms, what should I do with it?
Thanks for the help

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It would depend on what they are doing with the item

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For example, if a customer added an app to the app store and started selling to users

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That would require your customer to purchase an extended license. If the end product they are creating charges users to use the product (example: in-app purchases to unlock certain features) they require an extended license. However, dropping a message to Envato Authors Help and Support can give you 100% clarity on this matter. Cheers! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

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If the buyer is not honest? He bought a standard license but is using it as an extended license?

That basically means he is improperly using the license, which is as is he wouldn’t have a license, therefore contacting the AppStore or PlayStore or sending a DMCA to the AppStore or PlayStore would result in the app being pulled if the license is incorrectly used.

Great thanks. Last question. Can you give me some links, where I can read some information about DCMA?
Thanks a lot

Go to the respective application store’s official site you want to DMCA and they should have a copyright / contact link. This is not something related to Envato. You have to locate the process specific for the provider you want to notify. Cheers! :blush: