Buy a service pack, schedule each as individual meeting

I am a past lives regression therapist, and I have a pack to buy 3 sessions for a discount price, I use nowadays Booknetic which allows me, in a pretty weird way to schedule recurrently all three times, but most of my clients would have issues to understand how its done, its very confusing… and also, they want to book each time in different days or hours…

So I’m looking for something that can give me the ability to sell the package, then allows the client to book each time independently or recurrently, and a way to modify those dates if they want.

like a tiket based scheduling, they buy 3 tickets, they get to schedule tree times…

please help!

Thanks so much!!


Hi Jploaiza, Thank you for posting in our Community. Yes its possible if you develop a web base application which is responsive for iOS and android.

Hi jploaiza

I can help you out with my great services and i can make a killer mobile app with a great website for you so that you can schedule meetings with your client’s and customers. Let’s connect via my business email through envato.


Try our theme : Tutorly | Booking Marketplace WordPress Theme by VibeThemes | ThemeForest
it comes with inbuilt App generation script.