Button link doesn't work

Just open Envato’s web today and realize the button market link does’t work.

Anybody have a same problem? Or just me?

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Works fine for me. And maybe I’m missing something, but what exactly do you mean by it not working? I mean, you’re on the Themeforest homepage, so if you click it and it works, you’ll be on the Themeforest homepage. If you click it and it doesn’t work, you’ll also be on the Themeforest homepage. Are you just trying to refresh the page?

Anyone else having any button trouble?

Same here, seems like it is “current url+?osr=tn” instead of only https://themeforest.net/?osr=tn so it won’t go to frontpage.
The issue happened around 12-14hours ago and still persists.

YES! Same problem here, I was about to post about it but first searched the forum to prevent double post…