Bussiness card

Won’t be approved - loads of issues with typography, spacing, alignment, hierarchy and the odd preview and shadows do not help

hi sorry to say just this but i have trouble to identify who would buy such an item indeed. I guess u did what u could and i respect this but i also have to tell u the ugly truth and make u understand that u are very far from standards at this stage. Look, honestly , pls consider that once u take out the logo meant to be replaced , u have almost nothing left … all u have left if so is a plain orange shape, some texts with some simple plain color bullets and a orange shape definitely not compatible with a lot of styles and activities. Not, to mention that this is not 2008 anymore and that offering too generic things is not working indeed. There is very little graphic design out there indeed. The thing is that , in addition, basically there is nothing being made in the right way this far. The typo is way too plain and flat , u need to introduce variations, font combos and originality touches to offer more relief as well , in the process. Expectations are high here in terms of typo and u are miles away from requirement this far. Alignment, a basic design principle that u are violating , is not done properly at all for now. The global organization is messy and spacing consequently suffers much from this, too. Icons are too small and having too little impact so the they bring something to the table visually speaking and “save the day” when it comes to the bulk of gra[hic design here. Needless to say that the fact that they are very plain does not help to increase the commercial potential of the item. Even the logo is not looking good enough , this is , apart from being misplaced , looking everything but professional enough, the typo of it is tasteless and pricing that u paid no attention about it and the shape does not bring any impact, harmony or aesthetic either