Businesses Near Me App for IOS and Android - White Label or Template

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a proof of concept for a client who wants to have a Business Location App for iOS and Android.

This is a five section/page app with the following key elements.

Page 1. Map (This would be the homepage)
Similar to food delivery apps, the app would show participating businesses on a map relevant to the users location i.e. a user opens the app and the map shows their location and various businesses near them.

Page 2. Business listings
As in food delivery apps, people could search the various businesses involved based on their business category and also based on distance from them.

Page 3. Content Page
This page is just standard text and images

Page 4. Content Page
This page is just standard text and images

Page 5. Contact Us page
This page would have standard Contact Us elements such as email form and possibly a subscribe to newsletter option.

I have spent the past two weeks checking out dozens of templates but have no luck in finding the right one or finding a template creator that is willing to help out with the changes.

This is only a proof of concept for Phase 1 to show that it works with a budget for Phase 2 earmarked for enhancements and further development if we can get past Phase 1.

If it helps, the app most close to what I am looking for is the Liven App which is a food delivery app with the map component.

If you have an app that you can think is beneficial or know of a template with a working backend that can do what we are after, it would be greately appreciated.

Many thanks

It sounds like most business directory or listings app (there are several on CodeCanyon) would work if you just stripped out extra pages that were not necessary like ListApp - Listing Directory mobile app by React Native (Expo version) Preview - CodeCanyon

Or else if you have a sensible budget you could look for a freelancer on

I’d add that relying on stock or third party authors for client work (esp in a category like this) is risky territory and you would be strongly advised to flag the fact it’s building on/developing a third party solution in case anything goes wrong which you then cannot fix yourself

Thank you so much for this. I will check out the preview.