Business Management Software

I look for a software that can handle the following (similar to project software):

  • manage tasks of mutliple sites
  • manage freelancer/
  • add new tasks, freelancer can apply, with payment
  • invoices
  • expenses
  • subscription payment for support
  • ability to have invoices paid online
  • file upload for finished task by freelancer

I’ve seen some project management tools but they are either pretty messy or lack the feature to have seperate accounting or features.

If you can point me towards such an item I would be very thankful.

Thank you.

Not really sure that you’d be able to find one “out-of-box solution”

Hi Jimmyjam -

Guess it may be your lucky day I am just finishing such a solution - my Partner is a freelance medical researcher / medical transcriber for several large companies so it has been built with this in mind. OK I will admit that there may be a few adjustments needed for your exact needs, but the principle of the system I have is /are based on this:

The system is divided into the following (optional) interlinked sections:

Home - a real-time team timeline feed for sharing updates, interesting articles, team news and any other item that needs to be shared by the whole team. This can also be used for advertising/requesting availability of Team members e.g. I have this job who’s free or I am free any work?

Activities – A diary based system for logging and recording activities, tasks and events. Events are automatically fed into the Team timeline feed.

Chat – A peer to peer and/or peer to many live text based chat platform. Users can also upload and share images and files on peer to peer and/or peer to many basis. Chat is only available between users who are online

Messages – A peer to peer private messaging system. Again, users can also upload and share images or files but peer to peer. Private messaging is always available

Email – a users Gmail account can be directly integrated into the system (user permission required) allowing for reading, sending and receiving emails from the linked Gmail account.

File management – Similar to Email; a users’ Google Drive can be directly integrated into the system (user permission required) for reviewing, creating, editing and accessing Google Drive files. - If Google Drive integration is not required or permissions not granted then the system has a file management system for uploading and securely sharing.

Invoices – Users can create, review and issue invoices directly from the system

File share – Users can securely upload and share files via specified email addresses to non system users.

Contacts – for recording contact information and making direct contact via email with non-team members. Contacts have no direct access to the users system.

Contact notes– users use contact notes to record a filterable timeline journal of contact e.g. notes on telephone conversations, visits, emails and general notes. With permission a users contact list can be directly integrated into the system

Directory – The ‘team’ represent users who share information within a single system.

Location map – Users can review contact, Team Member and physical locations in real-time. Using go-location online Team Members location is updated every 10 minutes.

The system is a complete team communication platform all in real-time in other words it’s all ‘live’ - you post something and it instantly syncs with all other users of the system.

OK the only sections ‘not’ fully covered in your brief are:

subscription payment for support
ability to have invoices paid online

But none of these sections represent a problem and could very easily be integrated

If you are interested in following up on these then please email me via my profile page or post a message to me