Business/Corporate/Employee user account


I’m looking for a plugin or add-on where companies (admin-user) can have user accounts in which they can invite their employees (user) to create account.

Companies can set policies so employees have budgets to spend money - this money can be charged from 1 or 2 company bank accounts/cards or employee bank accounts/cards.

A bit like Airbnb with their business travel managers:

And Uber with their business reporting and policies:

And Deliveroo with their team management and allowance limits:

And the creator (super-admin) can manage everything from the back-end, like a dashboard overlooking companies and their employees.

Ideally I’d like the employees to purchase services through their company with the company’s choice to pay from their pocket or the employee pays from their pocket.

It would be ideal that this is available on WP/WooCommerce as I’m working on a MVP. (Then connect to Ionic for creating app - this is the best way I understand to create a app from WP & Woocommerce).

I’ve not found anything like this, has anyone else seen anything like this? As I’ve seen many items on Envato that have cloned features of Airbnb, Uber and Deliveroo, however, I’ve not found the above featuring in any of those clones.

Thanks - much appreciated!

It’s because this is a custom project and pretty sure not possible with out-of-box solutions.
If you have a good budget, you can drop me an email so we could discuss the details