business card


I’ve created the created business design, and it is hard rejected,
But they did not give any specific reason. So why did my logo design hard reject?
My business card was quality or not
As new I want to know the reason.

I’m working hard to create these items and I want to know the rejection reason because I don’t want to waste my time and energy on items that will be rejected.
please help me my 12 to 15 item has been rejected.

I am very disheartened please can you guide me properly.

any replay

With respect this is way off in super competitive and crowded category.

  • generally the design feels outdated

  • the big logo element on both sides makes no sense

  • margins, spacing and padding on all the different elements is very inconsistent and needs work

  • typography esp hierarchy, font choice, and weight needs rethinking

Your cards are full of beginner’s mistakes. You broke all the rules in design. You need to learn the basics of graphic design and practice a lot.


hi I think that this is too bad, u had the beginning of a really interesting concept but u did not make the most of it … a part of the card look a bit like an agenda and if u had kept the same idea and developed the rest accordingly, giving the right visual attention , I guess that your card could have been really interesting indeed. The problem is that u did not and the big plain black shapes that u have instead are simply not attractive visually and they will not give the potential buyers of an additional value or extra work worth paying for. As for what u have right now, the whole card can be done in a matter of a few minutes, which definitely limits the commercial potential of the template … moreover, u have some left flagging and some center one, which makes very little sense and the pacing seem to be really not done properly this far as the gap between the different information seems to vary … the logo side is also super empty , to say the very least