busıness card

can you help me why business card is not accepted

There are so many business cards on GR right now that new ones are extremely reluctant to accept. They even include business cards in “items we don’t need” list.

So just find another category. If you can design cards, you can design many other items)

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It is funny how many people try on business cards category and got rejected. It is like a fly trap sticky and deadly.

@furkangul00 if you don’t show us your rejected design we cannot help you.


what u are saying is undoubtedly true though the fact of the matter is that most of the rejections are due to the fact that most of guys do not really manage to bring something new to the table and think out of the box so to speak …

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cards and logo categories seem particularly attractive as lot of people think about this place as a “get rich quick” or “get money quick” place and feel like they can create more quickly their items and lena to get the money lol but the fact of the matter is that all categories pretty tough, saturated and so on … and that there is , anyway, no get rich quick thing here unless u are a real killer like Sevenstyles for instance …

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You are absolutelly right!
I think if you can’t bring something new to business cards category, you need to try another category. May be you can design something else, cool and useful for customers.

It seems to me that many new authors read articles like “How to make money on market,” which say “become a flyer maniac” or “business cards ninja”. They read articles like this and start to make card and flyers. But this strategy was good for new authors may be in 2011. Now you should be extra cool designer to make money from cards.

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if there was a category that was a pushover , guys would know it and would massively get into it … the fact of the matter is that now all markets are saturated indeed and there is definitely no get rich quick version here or wherever else i guess … markets need to get familiar with people , that the concerned people promote a lot on they own and everything to have a chance to get exposure and ultimately sell …