Business Card Rejected!

My business card has rejected. Where was the problem. I need your advice. thank your.

Hello my friend, maybe your item has been rejected because of the frequent, long distance in the card + fonts + logo needs adjustments

hi indeed, there maybe different issues indeed

first of all the global style which ic minimalistic and thus more or less not difficult to redo for whoever can use photoshop well , if so it would not take much time and thus people would feel like saving money and doing on their own i think

alignment of texts
i think that would be a good idea to flag names and function on the right and the additional information on the left , it would probably look more harmonious again and better arranged i guess

if i were u i would out some boldness to name and function and turn the name in caps so that the text is more outstanding

b-side (or a-side)
b-side (or a-side) depends on what we consider is too empty … not to mention that the website is hardly readable due to lack of contrast