Business card rejected. Please help me

I don’ t know why my print template for business card rejected and what reason. Please help me

Hi, here are some tips that have helped me here with business cards, there are already many “business cards” in graphiriver,

The reviewers are well selected with new cards, after all there is enough in this category, you can at 1st moment find a good color combination for your projects take a look at the website of Dribble or Behance, is a great source of inspiration.

Another tip, look at the top sellers of its category, you will notice that they all have a specific effect that highlights them from the others, you used basic forms of photoshop, perhaps in the eyes of the reviewer he only saw more of the same that already had in the Market, not that the card may have gone bad, but he did not have the “differential”, something that stands out from the others.

Hope it helps in some way, Good luck with the adjustments or your new projects :slight_smile: