Business Card Rejected Need Some Advice and Opinion

I submitted my first business card template a couple of days ago and received an email that is was rejected for the following reason

unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Would appreciate any advice and feedback on how to improve the design and get it approved.



Design it’s good I think. But, first of all, nobody will rotate is own logo on a business card. This is a huge comunication error.
Second, you can certanly improve some details, as the uniformation of geometric shapes. You putted in your design a circle, a square and a diamond, it’s a little mass I think. But it’s just my opinion about.

Thank you for your comments. This was my first submission and I was trying to be creative and wasn’t sure what to do. Your suggestions do make sense. I just submitted a new business card hoping that it will get accepted.

Do you have any suggestions or a sample for the Documentation. I can’t seem to figure to what write in it. Can someone get a Hard Rejection for bad documentation ?

Hi, just navigate trough the website and see what other authors do.
For example, take a look to this:
you know, search for best seller items and you’ll figured out what’s wrong in your design.

And yes, you can get an hard rejection for bad documentation.

But, again, I think the primary reason for hard rejections concerned your work, is that rotate logo and the deometric shapes mass.