business card rejected 002

Hi! my business card rejected with no explanation at all! quality standards been mentioned and I’ve read about the quality standards and followed it literally. here’s a sample of the business card I have submitted

The typography does not look great esp on the contact info.

Maybe it’s the mock up perspective but the spacing around the icons and angled contact content feels a bit all over the place, the gap between the 4 bits of info does not look consistently even, and this info does not see to align with the QR code

The name, title and QR feel a little placed and the main area these are in feels a bit unfinished

What did the other side look like? Variations? Other colours? Other layouts? Did you provide various views?

I thought the technical quality what matters the most and missed out other aspects of design. I was rushing to be honest cause school about to start and stuff so yeah the structure is kinda messy, I just noticed. the sad part is I can’t fix and resubmit it :frowning:
these are the views I have submitted

appreciate your help and concern, thank you so much