Business Card Reject why?

why my business card rejected,please give me any solution, please see my business card preview image

“Green Creative Business Card” The creative part is missing and you just broke all graphic design rules at once. With these very low quality items you will never get approved here.

I am a graphic designer passionate and enthusiastic in my job, in the field of freelance jobs I expert in include writing, editing, graphic arts, web design, photography, video editing, etc.

Why you entitle yourself EXPERT? This is hilarious because everyone can understand based on your items that you are a very very beginner.

With respect this is nowhere near the standards for here esp is arguably the most competitive category

Preview image is distorted and out of perspective

All sorts of issues with typography, lack of consistency, hierarchy, spacing, alignment etc. (front and back)

Widening the central part of the white line looks very odd

This is very basic you are never going to get accepted with a design like that. As mentioned above you cannot call yourself an expert because you are far from that, I had a browse through your Facebook page and it seems your spelling is bad also!


His Hose! :rofl:



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Did you notice above that he is an expert in writing :roll_eyes: :rofl: