Business card refused, I do not understand why, please help. Thank you in advance!

hi , först all all there is a global lack of impact for some elements. The logo for instance is not that outstanding but this is an important issue as regard to branding and this must thus be valued … this is even worse in the information side as the logo is cornered, crossing some shapes in the back and so on which does not make it really look like outstanding . The logo part is a bit simple and the thing is that there is much of a trouble to identify who is the targeted audience for this card … for the information side, icons are too flat , too basic, they bring nothing to the table graphic design wise and they even look a bit distorted , in other words, they are really not improving your preview right now … the typo is clean but also very basic and i am quite sure that here they expect much more from u about typo, they will be looking for more variations, font combinations and originality , as fro i understand , since typo is probably the main focus here no matter in which category u are posting … finally and not least , i think that there is a bg disconnection between the logo which is finally the most “graphic design part” - and meant to be replaced - and very wavy and the other graphic elements from the background which are , on the contrary, very squared … this kind of combination is brewing the harmony that u started to create