Business card hard rejection

Somebody help me to find why my business card get hard rejected.
Email says “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.

I can see the minimalistic direction you were trying to go with this design, however I feel like the overall composition and realisation is a bit too simple. The front side design is essentially just a vector image and text on a color background.

Try to look at other minimalistic designs to get some ideas and inspiration. Despite being minimalistic, they often include tiny details that help to give a good quality look overall.

The second big thing that catches my eyes is the typography - it also looks a bit simpel and pixelated in some areas (might be due to the mockup). I often struggle with typography myself, but there are some good articles on the web on this topic showing which fonts harmonize together etc.

Also, your preview images are the first impression a client gets - the mockups you used look stretched, unrealistic and unsharp. In the mockups category you’ll find tons of great business card mockups, and there are many free ones on the web as well.

Good luck :slight_smile:

hi the minimalistic style is a bad idea for designers unless they want to get replaced by machines and automated services … but i assume that if people are here this is because they like what they do and intend to live from this activity … so i highly recommend the minimalistic trend that people have been pushed into liking by the industry so that everything is easy and they have all done by anyone and pay always less …
besides , still as regard to the global style, the problem with this type of issue is that a lot of people would rather decide to redo it , what would not take them too long a time, so that they can save money … in other words the commercial potential of the item is rather low …
well, once the question of style is dealt with the typo is completely inconsistent at this stage … not only are combinations not matching and not super creative but in addition the texts are rather hard to read , when information should prevail as this is is what business cards have been created for , ie to collect information and be able to contact people
the logo is far too simple and if does not really hurt the preview this is not making it look better either …


@n2n44, @h3-design Thanks for your time, your reply will work more than the pre-prepared review response.