Business Card Hard Rejected Need Help

Hi There

I didn’t add a trim line in business card. But I added a bleed line with 0,25" so its main 0,125" bleed for per edge.
And added my graphicriver profile link to information file.

What’s the problem?

Work is full layered and easy to customizable.

i like it really cool and original in my view, i would only say that maybe i would have added some icons in the small squares on the sideways so that the thing looks even better :wink:

Thanks for the answer. Re-Edited and sended to graphicriver.

-Trim lines and icons added now.

template seems like it…

for me that looks even better now, however , i doubt that it was the issue in the first place anyway , so i am not sure u can get approved now anyway. I am now knowing what is the trim line that u referred to but if as u probably know trim line and safety zone guidelines are essential and required. I am not sure it has a direct link with your reject, as, as for i know, reviewers do not hard reject if there are preparation issues, they rather soft reject and give feedback so that people can prepare properly … . I guess u have to wait and see then … . For me the last thing is that i am not fond of these QR codes using color i would have kept white but that’s just my point of view indeed.

Yep. Got it. I presented options about QR code in help file in PSD file. Buyer can use with color or with white background. As I said “Easy To Customizable” :smiley: Thanks for your feedback.

Not problem if envato reject my item again. I will make another template :slight_smile:

Item Approved. ^^ thank you n2n44

yes i know , i was just talking about the preview in this case, the QR code is about to be changed anyway , as u cannot have information from the guys who buys lol

happy for you :wink: well done, that was worth the drive adjusting :wink: GL